Laura Tucker

Laura Tucker

Laura’s journey with yoga began about 4 years ago while attending the University of Oklahoma.  Like many, she was drawn to yoga because of the physical benefits and quickly became hooked after experiencing the mental and emotional benefits.  While in school, yoga served as an escape from the stress of student life.  After graduating and returning to Fort Worth where she was born and raised, Laura once again resorted to yoga to unwind from her 8-5 desk job where she quickly realized that sitting at a desk all day was not her destiny.

In June of 2013, Laura traveled to Costa Rica where she received her RYT 200, diving deeper into the history and philosophy of yoga, mediation, and Ayurveda.  On top of studying yoga, Laura graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling and Development from Texas Women’s University.  From this, she hopes to combine her knowledge and passion of counseling and yoga to help others realize their potential and live out their dreams.

One of the greatest lessons that Laura has learned from yoga is how to feel, and most importantly, that it’s ok to feel.  Through the practice of yoga we can learn to stop hiding from those emotions that we find uncomfortable and embrace any and all feelings that arise, trusting that everything happens for a reason.  In her classes, Laura aims to create a space in which students can disconnect from the outside world and connect to their mind, body and soul.  Students often leave her classes feeling more alive and connected to their true nature.



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