Teacher Training

*We love our Teacher Trainings. We are dedicated to acting mindfully and with integrity in regards to our presentation and teaching of this material. As we have shifted to a purely online format in this moment, we are reworking our TT program. If you are interested in studying with Rebecca online, please email us here. As we create the content, your input and level of demand will inform our sense of urgency. Thank you for your part in our community.*

Rebecca Butler, EYRT 500, has trained over 100 yoga teachers in the DFW area. Rebecca Butler Yoga Teacher Training is a registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliance. There is both a 200 hour and a 300 hour program. Students can become registered at the 500 hour level after completing both.

Rebecca is passionate about, and quite skilled at, teaching yoga teachers. She is playful, knowledgable, down to earth and real. She brings a lightheartedness to her training that is borne from her deeply held belief that health, movement and breath are privileges in this spiritual journey of human life that we often take for granted. As such, she loves to share her knowledge of teaching yoga with new and seasoned teachers alike so that they may in turn continue to spread this lifetime practice of yoga.

Dreamcatcher Training

This is our 200 hour yoga teacher training program. It’s your first step to becoming the powerful teacher you are capable of being. Teaching yoga was a dream for Rebecca. Once she finally made the leap to making yoga her livelihood, many other heartfelt desires began to become realities as well. When she created this training, she had the realization that she wanted to teach people how to manifest the life of their dreams via yoga, as she has been able to do. Hence the name.

  • Teaching Yoga How to teach a sound, safe, and exciting vinyasa flow class created by Rebecca Butler
  • Chakras How to understand the basics of chakras and employ them in your journey of wellness
  • Sequencing The basics of how to create sound classes for every level of student in the primarily Slow and Flow formats
  • The Business of Yoga An introduction to how to create a profitable and thriving business within the yoga industry that brings you joy
  • Anatomy, Alignment & Assisting  The basics of the gross anatomical functions and safe alignment within the poses
  • Voice How to move energy with your own voice and teach from a place of power and connection – even online

And more…

Share your voice with us via email if this sounds appealing to you. As it will be purely online for now, the pricing and structure will change. Your input matters.

Transformational Yoga

This is our 300 hour advanced teacher training program by Rebecca. It’s deeper. It’s about refinement, minutia, stillness, and the subtle art of energy, which is really everything. As we deepen our awareness within the practice, we continue to transform within ourselves and around us, in our outer environment.

Transformational Yoga is rooted in the innate intelligence that moves within all living things and knows exactly how to heal you in any given moment. A combination of styles and classes are meant to lovingly guide each student as they learn to become more deeply in touch with well being, in whatever way will most benefit them on their current life path. The focus on Transformational Yoga, complimenting and advancing in depth the knowledge gained in your 200 hour training. Rebecca will call upon masters for input, collaboration and enlightenment in an effort to offer a true, transformational program. As a teacher, you will learn more about:

  • Chakras How to interpret and metabolize the day to day symbology of the energy centers that shows up in your life at all times if you are willing to see the abstract messages as they are presented
  • Sequencing How to create sound classes for every level of student, now delving into restorative and pranayama of effective class creation in a deeper capacity
  • The Business of Yoga How to create a profitable and thriving business within the yoga industry that is in alignment with your spirit and to be able to offer it online with confidence
  • Anatomy, Alignment & Assisting How to go beyond the basics of the gross anatomical functions and into the subtle energy of the pose – how to effectively communicate that experience verbally
  • Ambiance How to express the magic of your own essence in each and every thing you create
  • Range How to create classes with a wide variety of range, from strong to supple, therapeutic to challenging, that will behoove any client that walks through your door with longevity

And more…

If this resonates with you, tell us. Speak. Your voice matters. 

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