Autumn Brackeen | Yoga Instructor

Katie Gray

Katie Gray, M.Ed., RYT200 is a lifelong learner. Educator by trade, she’s always had a thirst for knowledge and strives for continuous improvement in her personal and professional life. After cancer hit her family, she began to look for alternative, natural ways of healing. Along that path, she discovered essential oils, chiropractic care, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and finally- YOGA. During a 2016 private yoga session out in the California sun, Katie knew this was the missing link in her own emotional healing journey. She began practicing more and more, trying out a variety of studios and instructors, and falling deeper in love with yoga each time. She decided to pursue her yoga teaching certification through Rebecca Butler’s 200 YTT in 2018, and has been overwhelmed by the transformational experience it proved to be for her. Katie finds true inspiration in nature, in relationships with her loved ones, in her spiritual life, and in her constant pursuit of self-love and acceptance. Her yoga sessions offer thoughtful, creative sequences, careful attention to alignment, and a touch of “woo” for the soul in hopes to cultivate mindfulness, relieve stress, and renew energy.