Kila Rennaker | Yoga Instructor

Missy Shaw

Missy had practiced yoga on and off since high school, but it wasn’t until her senior year of college when her yoga world was transformed. She went to her usualSaturday morning class, however this time there was a sub. After a great practice, she began to leave and the teacher chased after her, tapped her on the shoulder and said, “You will be teaching yoga one day”. Chill bumps trickled down her spine and tears came to her eyes because at that time in life she was feeling lost. From that moment on Missy has been devoted to the path of yoga — studying, practicing and sharing. As if on fire, she finished college, packed her bags, and moved to San Diego to study and work at Prana Yoga Center. Under the tutelage of many master teachers, she completed the YogaWorks professional teacher training and became a certified 500 RYT. Once she actually began teaching, the joy she felt became her new addiction. “Its such a beautiful opportunity to see the yoga sparkle ignite in my students and witness the change in their lives both on and off the mat. I get to be the facilitator of transformation and they get to be the flower flourishing in joy.” Missy teaches a vinyasa based practice that encourages students to dive deeper into the center of their heart and awaken the realization that we all inhabit a divine light within. She believes in the importance of conceiving positive magnetism to create a heart space open for pure intentions and self love. The classes offer breath-based movement with a focus on proper alignment and creative sequencing, staying in poses for a longer time period in order to articulate them artfully and energetically. Missy is inspired by nature, animals, and seeking support from the natural world around her, so her classes are infused with this medicine. Her practice is designed to help you connect to how you feel, working the body intelligently and holistically. She believes when we begin to create this art with our bodies, the canvas to life opens and we see our journey as a work of art that has the ability to transform into a masterpiece every single day.