Your Online Yoga Sanctuary.

Safe. Creative. Fresh. Impassioned classes online.

At The Sanctuary Yoga Room, we offer deeply intelligent yoga taught with passion and kindness. We are now exclusively online. Due to our concerns for the safety of our community and our commitment to well being, we have made the courageous decision to consolidate our studio to a purely online forum for the foreseeable future. At our Namastream channel, we can and will continue to create a suite of classes, courses and workshops that represent our haven of healing, warmth and joy for all. We still have a range of classes from strength, flexibility and stability focused classes to those that are more relaxing. Come see us online. And learn why we say #trulymysanctuary in our hearts forever and ever.

I need at least 5 more stars to rate today’s class! Challenging, healing, and blissful all wrapped up into one hour.
– Cheryl

Rebecca takes you on your own personal journey through her class. Lots of assists and options for every level. I can’t recommend this awesome class and teacher enough!!!
– Taylor

Lauren’s class felt great in my body. The sequence was well thought out and challenging in a good way. Her music is awesome and she is so supportive.
– Ashley