An Online Sanctuary.
Proactive Social Distancing.

In light of COVID-19, introducing Navastream Online. Our new temporary forum.



At The Sanctuary Yoga Room, we offer deeply intelligent yoga taught with passion and kindness. We are not a corporate yoga experience. We have consciously consolidated to our Hulen location so that we can continue to create a haven of healing, warmth and joy for all. It is our honor to do so. We have a range of classes from strength, flexibility and stability focused classes to those that are more relaxing. We advocate and promote inclusion and diversity. Come see us! And learn why we say #trulymysanctuary

Consolidating for the Sake of Creation

As of Feb 15, 2020, we are consolidating our class offering to the Hulen location. In this shift, I will continue to create healing, warmth and joy. 

The Newbie.
$47 New Student Special

A full month of unlimited yoga for students who are new to our studio and/or yoga. This is where we begin!

I need at least 5 more stars to rate today’s class! Challenging, healing, and blissful all wrapped up into one hour.
– Cheryl

Rebecca Butler is one of my favorite yoga teachers I have ever had. Be prepared for spiritual insight, mindful meditation, knowledgeable adjustments, happy movement cues, and to leave totally yoga stoned!
– Alyssa

Bliss class with Ella is my favorite part of my week. The poses are amazing, and her healing hands and oils always make me feel better.
– Natalia