We’re Back.

Life Happens. We Evolve. Re-birth Is Upon Us.

Retail Dreams.

This space allows us to offer you bits of our sanctuary that you can take home. From our heart to yours.

Our Commitment.

Intimate space. Legit protocols. Please make sure to register before you come in person….

We are so excited to be back. The Sanctuary Yoga Room — a haven for healing, warmth and joy. For a time, that has been online only. And now, we will be opening in a new location September 4th. Yes, we will still have online classes too. Yes, we will be mindful in the number of yogis we allow in person. Yes, we will livestream classes as well. And yes, we will offer a media library for those who wish to partake in our plethora of classes on their own time. Yes, as always, we will have a range of class styles, teachers, levels and yogic goodness taught with love, passion, honesty and integrity. We can’t wait to see you, beloved yogis.

Based on the current situation, we have made the decision to remove vaccine requirements for now. As always, we will stay informed and reserve the right to make changes if guidelines shift, knowing that our ultimate goal is to make our community safe.

I need at least 5 more stars to rate today’s class! Challenging, healing, and blissful all wrapped up into one hour.
– Cheryl

Rebecca takes you on your own personal journey through her class. Lots of assists and options for every level. I can’t recommend this awesome class and teacher enough!!!
– Taylor

Lauren’s class felt great in my body. The sequence was well thought out and challenging in a good way. Her music is awesome and she is so supportive.
– Ashley

The Sanctuary Yoga Room
3425 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, Tx 76107

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