The Sanctuary Yoga Room was created and founded by Rebecca Butler in 2014. It has been a wild ride. The intention was to create a space of healing, warmth and joy for the yogis of the Fort Worth area. It was also of deep importance to Rebecca to offer a unique space with a wide variety in yogic styles, teachers, and classes for all, regardless of age and ability, to be inclusive. And it has been a great success. 

Rebecca started teaching yoga in 2008 and opened and managed studios before The Sanctuary was born. She’s written for wellness blogs like MindBodyGreen and Elephant Journal. She’s traveled and taught at yoga festivals and conferences in Telluride, Salt Lake City and Houston. 

She had a 12 year advertising and marketing career in Austin, TX prior to making yoga her livelihood. All of that experience was helpful in creating an experience at The Sanctuary that was unparalleled in Fort Worth. She’s also an avid studier and voraciously consumed the teachings of many master yogis becoming an ERYT at the 500 hour level and creating her own yoga teacher training school. She was able to bring some of her teachers from New York, LA and Australia to Fort Worth via the studio — Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee, Ana Forrest, and Seane Corn. 

In 2018, Rebecca expanded by absorbing and re-opening one of her former studio locations. Understandably, this was accompanied by a larger commitment to the sustainability of the studios. After tragically and unexpectedly losing her father in 2019, Rebecca decided to streamline locations and simplify her life. She realized how little quality time she was able to spend with family in her efforts to keep both studios thriving. 

And then, COVID 19 came along. 

So here we are. 

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.Arundhati Roy 

We have closed our physical location to protect our community. 

One third of our teaching staff is pregnant, which we love — and it creates a higher risk scenario.

Our clientele skew older, which we also love — and it creates a higher risk scenario.

Our Hulen location was smaller with clog spots — again, creating higher risk. 

For now, this seems like the safest thing to do with the most integrity, even though it is a difficult decision to make. — we know it is the decision that has the most integrity for us that most aligns with our values.

We are hopeful one day things will shift and we will be able to convene in a carefree away again with our beloved community. Until then, we will continue to offer classes, courses, trainings and workshops to the best of our ability. Online for now. We are here for questions and conversations. We love and miss our community, the students, the teachers and even the flipping sweat towels. Namaste, dear ones. Namaste.