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The Sanctuary Yoga Room events and workshops are born of passion, honesty, creativity and desire.

They encompass elements of the physical practice, spirituality, meditation, goal planning, nutrition and more. Teachers are voracious in their studies and joyful in their teaching. The content offered is often both cutting edge and rooted in tradition. It is the passionate, peaceful, loving presentation of the content that makes these workshops feel like magic.

If you have questions about events or workshops, feel free to email us and someone will get back to you.

We will be adding online courses and workshops soon. Stay tuned! And we may add outdoor events at some point too. XO

January 16, 2021

Soul Aligning Session – 8th Annual.

Offered by Rebecca Butler

So for the last 7 years, I’ve done a Goal Planning, Soul Aligning workshop in January to kick off the new year. I’ve debated… Should I do it this year? Should I not? That which was once the most important metric to me – a packed sweaty room… {my lowest attendance – 48, the highest attendance – 85…} that metric seems irrelevant now. So… should I do this session? Should I not? And if so, where? I was thinking about skipping it. But.. after 7 years, is this the year to skip it? Many of us have had breakthroughs after these sessions. Indeed, the testimonials over the years have been astounding.

Still, I’ve pondered. While pondering, I went ahead and did what I do… I listened to and transcribed the Power Path’s forecast for 2021. And it’s pretty legit. After listening to it, I’ve decided… We shall have a 8th annual Soul Aligning session. January 16th. 1-3p. On Zoom. $20. A bit of pre work before and a bit of post work after.

Yes, discussion of year prior.

Yes, a bit of mid session, all levels Transformational Flow.

And yes, discussion of what is to come. Open. Receptive. Full of acceptance of what is to come. With infinite kindness. The Zoom link with registration details is below as is the Venmo handle. Please let me know if you have questions. Much love. XO


Event Details

Saturday, January 16, 2021


$20 via Venmo to @thesanctuaryyogaroom

November 12-14, 2021

Moab Yoga Festival.

A weekend of movement, meditation, lecture, workshops, and demos

Join Rebecca Butler at the first Annual Moab Yoga & Mindfulness Festival. Their mission is to empower individuals to create practices that uplift and enhance their lives. Expect to be challenged, nurtured and immersed in all things Yoga; Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, and Philosophy. They will also be offering classes that will enable you to bring Mindfulness practices back to your community. Sign up today!