Kila Rennaker | Yoga Instructor

Carrie Boyd

Carrie thrilled to be joying the Sanctuary Yoga Room tribe. She has studied yoga for years because her mother urged her to start yoga to work on strength, flexibility, and balance in her younger years so that she would maintain them throughout life – seemed like a solid plan! Carrie would show up here and there, mostly as a balance to marathon training and the thought that yoga was just some good stretching. After a knee surgery, Carrie used the practice as part of her recovery. During this time though, she really fell in love with yoga as a lifestyle. A lightbulb went off when a teacher repeatedly said “if you practice struggle, that’s what you’ll learn”.

After a life-long battle with perfectionism, this was just what Carrie needed to start understanding what yoga was really all about. The pressure to be “perfect” in poses was lifted, and she began to enjoy the learning, growth, challenges, peace, and joy (etc.,etc.etc.!) that yoga could also provide. For once, she could give herself permission to simply BE and appreciate her body and soul for what they COULD do, rather than be frustrated for what they could not. The moving on of this teacher, and a challenging, life-changing year (plus a little divine intervention), brought Carrie to her mat at Sanctuary. In a time where Carrie really believed she would never feel joy again, a journey to healing began. Part of that process was joining Rebecca’s 2nd YTT. As part of her application, she said that the reason she wanted to be a yoga teacher was because she wanted to be able to help at least one other person find all the good things yoga has brought her…hopefully more than one! Now, here she is, ready to share love, joy, vulnerability, and a deep passion for yoga with YOU!

In her free time, you can find Carrie being a crazy dog mom for her puppy Izzy, at her daytime job as an elementary school librarian, or cheering on her TCU Horned Frogs in any and every way.