What is Thrive?

Thrive is a collaboration between Kila Rennaker and I designed to help you set goals and excel in the following areas throughout 2015 —

Livelihood & lifestyle. Career. Money. Work. Home. Space. Possessions. Fashion. Travel.

Body & wellness. Healing. Fitness. Food. Rest & relaxation. Mental health.

Creativity & learning. Artistic and self-expression. Interests. Education. Hobbies.

Relationships & society. Romance. Friendship. Family. Collaborating. Community. Causes.


How does it work?

Each quarter, we will kick off with a workshop that is seasonally appropriate. This session is open to the public. (Ring in the Righteous New Year was the first workshop of 2015)

During Thrive, in addition to the kick of workshop, you will:

  • Meet with Kila and I for a mutual assessment session from which a customized plan specific to your individual situation and overlaid with what is appropriate for the season both nutritionally and energetically will be developed to help you move towards your identified goals throughout the quarter
  • Then you will schedule 5 individual, hour-long sessions with Kila in one quarter to focus on nutrition, organization and well-being. Meaning Kila will come to your house and help you organize your kitchen, your closets, your drawers, if needed. She will help you assimilate new, empowering nutritional practices into your daily regimen and more.
  • You will also schedule 5 individual, hour-long sessions with me (Rebecca) throughout the season to focus on life coaching, meditation, emotional climate, and physical practice (asana). I will help you identify the practices in your life that are serving you and those that aren’t. Together, we will re-engineer your daily flow to be beneficial and up-lifting. From the moment you open your eyes every day to when your head hits the pillow at night, you will be moving towards that which you most desire.
  • 1 Wrap up session with both of us to assess progress, wins, lessons and new habits.
  • You will also have access to Kila & I via text and phone for 10/day for support (M-F), exclusive access to a private FaceBook group of peers to help cheer one another on, share wins and challenges and create connection, and endless access to the resources we are using to create this program that includes but is not limited to a suite of books, websites, recipes and blogs
  • Exclusive access to the password protected THRIVE blog, where recipes, motivations, anecdotes, meditations, documentaries and more will be shared


Season 1 Jan – Mar: Plant. This is the season to seed your objectives for the year. It is a great time to get really clear on where you are, who you are, and where you want to be.

Season 2 Apr – Jun: Bloom. This season will be all about vitality, action and energy, as you begin to see movement and fruition around your objectives, goals and dreams.

Season 3 Jul – Sep: Shine. This is the lightness of being season. Think smoothies, water, being fluid and essential.

Season 4 Oct – Dec: Abundance. Reaping what we sow. Standing in power and taking in the fruits of the labor of the year.


Why should you decide to Thrive?


Because turning your life into something that makes your heart smile permanently can be done alone. But it’s a lot easier and a lot more fun with a support group of like-minded souls and a couple of boisterous guides along the way…

Because life is meant to be lived, savored, and celebrated rather than tolerated, or worse, survived…

Because your joy, your health, your passions, and your voice matter.

Because the greatest thing you can give to this planet is your own supreme happiness and delight.

Because you are worthy. In this moment. Right now. Exactly the way you are.



We are open for individual consultations as needed to help clarify any questions.

We look forward to working with you and expanding towards sheer bliss as a community — a community that is passionately alive and committed to THRIVE.


Email Kila at emailkila@yahoo.com and/or Rebecca at rbutlertx@gmail.com for more info.