Transformational Flow. This class will be rooted in vinyasa flow. It will include sound alignment, therapeutics and mindful cueing. Participants will learn how to cultivate flexibility and strength together in harmony to create stability in all 360 joints in the body. Balance is the result. Balance in the mind, body, spirit connection. Balance in breath. Balance in your approach to life. The room will be between 85-88ish degrees. You will feel whole, transformed, refreshed and revitalized.



The name of this class really should be: slow and delicious. While it is slower than our Transformational Flow class, please don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be any less transformational. Long holds of poses paired with mindful breath create an even more robust experience of the energy of the session. In the end, your deep connection to bliss will be unwavering. The room will be around 82 degrees. Come on then. You know you want to. Step into the Slow Lane…



Flow + Arm Balances & Inversions. This class is designed for the inversion and arm balance curious yogi. It includes therapeutics and building blocks with plenty of options for all levels. You will be mindfully lead to your edge and taught to work in that delicate space with curiosity and compassion. Ideal for intermediate to advanced yogis, but all levels will take away benefits.



Short & Sweet Flow. This is a little mini-class – 45 minutes, including Savasana. But don’t let it being short format fool you… It’s still plenty robust. It might be a little hotter than our usual classes, and it’s definitely going to be quicker. This is not the ideal class for nursing injuries back to health in. Please be forewarned about that. Because it is quick and short, it will be better for those not managing injuries at the moment. This class is a yes to anyone seeking a quick, sweaty flow. 



Restorative Bliss. This is a class designed to help practitioners restore, renew and heal the body. Long holds in deep poses designed to help the body rejuvenate, regenerate and reinvigorate. Meditation and breath are also key elements of this class. Expect to use many props. This class is heated around 78 degrees and is suitable for all levels.

The Sanctuary Yoga Room
3425 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, Tx 76107

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