Juice Junkies



These are locally made, all organic and insanely delicious treats. It doesn’t get any fresher than this. Please note these are not pasteurized.



dr. feelgood


feelin’ stronger everyday




Mad Tasty



These are delicious, sparkly, refreshing drinks that have 20 MG of Hemp infused into them. The purpose is to reduce inflammation, settle the mind, and create calm without a high. We find these drinks are really yummy when we want to chill. The flavors are light and subtle and not at all overwhelming. 

Note: If you are in a position where you are tested for drug use, it’s best to abstain from the hemp and CBD products we are offering.

watermelon kiwi


unicorn tears


yuzu citrus





We have two varieties of Vybes drinks for you. 

The tonic elixir does not contain hemp. It is an adaptogenic drink that is considered a mood enhancer because it includes goodness like Ashwaghanda root, which is said to help decrease our stress response. 

If you want to know more about adaptogens, here is a great piece. https://www.verywellhealth.com/what-are-adaptogens-4685073

Another note, the tonic is super bubbly, has great flavor and is yummy. 

We also have a CBD infused drink by Vybes. This is not bubbly at all. It is delicious though, and it does help you feel calm and relaxed.

Note: If you are in a position where you are tested for drug use, it’s best to abstain from the hemp and CBD products we are offering.



cbd honey basil apple





We have 2 different Cloudwater products. One contains CBD – 25 MG, and the other is an immunity drink that does not have CBD infused. 

Cloudwater Immunity does include Vitamin D3 & Zinc Gluconate to boost your immune system. 

Cloudwater Aztec Chocolate and Strawberry includes 25 MG Hemp extract and is quite literally one of the most delicious things we have ever tasted. The flavors are much more pronounced than the MadTasty drinks and that is a-ok with us. Delectable goodness awaits.

Note: If you are in a position where you are tested for drug use, it’s best to abstain from the hemp and CBD products we are offering. 



aztec chocolate


coconut immunity





Bubbles for body, mind and spirit.

Unsweetened, organic sparkling waters made with tea & botanicals.

Loco Coffee



This cold brew coffee with added oat milk and coconut water is a guilt free latte you can feel good about drinking. With only 4g added sugar, 90 calories, and 180mg caffeine, this is a slightly creamy, slightly sweet cold brew without the downside.


Heart Water 



We like that the bottle is not plastic, that the water is rainwater which never touches the ground and that 23% of all proceeds are funneled into their charitable organization which focuses on helping children suffering poverty, addiction and disease. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


heart water





ROAR is your support system on your journey toward greater wellness. With nourishing electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants in each sip, ROAR promises organic, refreshing hydration with three grams of sugar or less and 20 calories per bottle. Join us on our mission to provide clean, hard-working beverages that make wellness convenient, effortless, and empowering.


Conundrum Snacks



Conundrum trail mix is a locally and sustainably sourced trail mix that is perfect the adventure! Oregon hazelnuts, California almonds, Georgia pecans, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, dried cranberries & blueberries, raisins, coconut, rosemary, lavender, and is all caramelized in a Vermont maple syrup, a pinch of brown sugar, and Jacobsen flake salt from the Oregon coast. And their cashews are addictive.


UPTIME Premium Energy



UPTIME is a better for you premium energy drink that delivers balance, clarity and renewed focus every time you drink it, with natural flavors it contains 142 mg of natural caffeine, non-GMO, zero sodium and has a refreshing and delicious blend of flavors.


Deep Love



These are non-carbonated premium Lemonade made with real extracts worth their weight in gold. Both come with antioxidants too.





Recess drinks are made with health in mind that is why this beverage contains no added preservatives or ingredients. A sparkling water infused with magnesium and adaptogens to calm the mind and lift the mood


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