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The Sanctuary Yoga Room events and workshops are born of passion, honesty, creativity and desire.

They encompass elements of the physical practice, spirituality, meditation, goal planning, nutrition and more. Teachers are voracious in their studies and joyful in their teaching. The content offered is often both cutting edge and rooted in tradition. It is the passionate, peaceful, loving presentation of the content that makes these workshops feel like magic.

If you have questions about events or workshops, feel free to contact us or call us at (817) 330-6969 and someone will get back to you.

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Beginning September 2019

Epic Yoga – A Series

with Rebecca Butler

Introducing EPIC — A yoga series Equanimity, as in slow flow + sound Power, as in a powerful, fearless flow + mudra, mantra and pranayama Insight, as in restorative + meditation =Complete Its such an epic feeling when you meet someone who knows who they are! Who they truly are. Their center. Their truth. They are unshakeable. Un-f%ckable with. Sigh. Massive sigh of relief. And a huge heartfelt grin. And so… Introducing Epic. A series of workshops with our studio founder, E-RYT 500, published author, mom, teacher, writer, speaker of truth, life coach – Rebecca Butler. Lover of life, love, yoga, breath, kindness, connection, expression and more…. In these sessions she has lovingly created, you will: Learn how to breakthrough when you feel the urge to breakdown. Learn how to be FULLY present at any given moment in your life. No matter how hard your mind tries to capture your awareness and abscond with you down rabbit holes of fear/worry/regret/anger/sorrow/resentment/etc. Learn how to cultivate the skill to be in the moment, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, with grace. Your presence as an alchemist for love and joy on this planet matters. That’s epic. Yes, You are essential to this story of life. Let’s get to know your magic, shall we? This series is meant to guide you home to you. And yes, yoga teachers can receive continuing education credits for 6 hours on Yoga Alliance as we are a registered YAECP

Session 1. Welcome. Let’s create balance. Let’s create equality within. Sat, Sep 21 2-4p with Kenny Kolter. 

The physical. Expect – Slow Flow. Juicy Flow. Dreamy Flow. Hip Balancing Flow.

The mental. Expect – Pre-homework to get you into that spiritual awareness place. Prompts. Thoughts. Self expression. In the sesh, expect meditation, breath, and infinite space within.
The spiritual. Yall. Words don’t suffice. If we could bottle the feeling and unleash it for you, we would. Scratch and sniff anyone? Food words are helpful. Delicious. Savory. Strong. Complex. Succulent. You get the idea.

Session 2. Let’s get it on. Let’s create power. Let’s realize, revere and celebrate the power within. Oct 19 2-4p 

The physical. Expect – Fly Flow. Wow Flow. So much Power in this flow. Break-you-down-to-your-knees-with-infinite-awareness-of-all-that-is-holy-and-creative Flow. Yes, Upside Down Flow at times. With mindful guidance and plenty of alternatives. With mastery. With grace. With truthfulness. And yes, with ease.

The mental. Expect – Pre-homework to get you into that space of fearlessness. Fearlessly what? Fearlessly you. Readings. Videos. Things to chew on, accept, embrace and let go. Yuh.
The spiritual. Mmmmmmm…. did someone say sound? Chanting. Mantra. Mudra. Profound tools to help you feel more like you ALWAYS and forever more. The real you. The you-you. Not the you that runs around trying to please any-and-everyone. The you that knows true, healthy boundaries. The you that believes in you more than your allegiance to fear/pain/suffering/isolation/desperation. The you that loves your shine. You. Times Infinity.

Session 3. Peace be with you. Let’s create insight. Let’s tap into intuition within. And then we are – Complete. Nov 23 2-4p tapping into UZIT training.

The physical. Expect – Recover. Recover. Recover. Restore. Yes, you need this. Restore. Don’t. We. All.

The mental. Expect – Pre-homework to get you into that place of the drop in. By now you will know you. You will revere you. You will no longer question or resist your own wisdom. So we become one and at peace with what is. We become.
The spiritual. Oof. The take home. The takeaway. The gift is real. You will know that. You will feel that. Without doubt. You will feel whole.

Event Details

The Sanctuary Yoga Room – Clearfork
5808 Edwards Ranch Road, Building 3
Fort Worth, TX 76109

Saturday, September 21
Saturday, October 19
Saturday, November 23

2–4 p.m.

Single Session Price: $100
Two Sessions: $150
Three Sessions: $175

About Rebecca Butler
Rebecca Butler (ERYT-500) is the creator of The Sanctuary Yoga Room and dreamcatcher training. She blends her studies with Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, Ana Forrest and Baron Baptiste into something altogether unique, creative and wide in range. She values business acumen, alongside honesty, strength, when married with suppleness, and above all, a righteous sense of humor. She is also a certified Holistic Life Coach, via the tutelage of Alan Cohen, and a published author. When not teaching, practicing or studying yoga, you can find her playing with her kids, dogs and husband. Her credo is Choose Joy, as she believes life and health are gifts to be cherished and appreciated. It is her honor to do so.


A transformational mentorship program created and cultivated by The Sanctuary Yoga Room

The mentorship program is designed for wellness professionals wishing to uplift their offerings, creating deeper connection and meaning for their students and clientele. Initiating a process of mentorship demonstrates a desire to go deeper.

This four month program includes individual one-on-one sessions with your mentor, assistance in the cultivation of goals that are unique to you and your ability to embody your highest potential, and a structured process to achieve those goals with support and feedback along the way

Uplift will help you strengthen your everyday teaching with guidance tailored to your individual needs on:

  • Voice: volume, accuracy of alignment and direction, inflection during teaching
  • Ambiance: lighting, environment, music and the intention to align the three
  • Sequencing: creating physically and philosophically clear, safe and elevated sequences
  • Energy: your way of being both in and out of the classroom and how that lands

And, of course, some helpful input on…

  • Business of yoga, your brand, your image, your expression of you
  • Website guidance
  • Workshop planning, development and execution
  • Social media strategy
Program Details
The Sanctuary Yoga Room – Clearfork
5808 Edwards Ranch Rd, Building 3
Fort Worth, TX 76109



The Sanctuary Yoga Room
5808 Edwards Ranch Rd
Building 3
Fort Worth, TX 76109


The Sanctuary Yoga Room
2735 Hulen St
Stonegate Crossing Center
Fort Worth, TX 76109