Transformational Yoga

A 300 hour advanced teacher training program by Rebecca Butler Yoga & The Sanctuary Yoga Room

At The Sanctuary Yoga Room, Rebecca Butler (E-RYT 500) has created, attracted and manifested an entire community of teachers and students that thrive on Transformational Yoga. This yoga is rooted in the innate intelligence that moves within all living things and knows exactly how to heal you in any given moment. A combination of styles and classes are meant to lovingly guide each student as they learn to become more deeply in touch with well being, in whatever way will most benefit them on their current life path.

Rebecca Butler’s 300 hour teacher training will focus on Transformational Yoga, complimenting and advancing in depth the knowledge gained in your 200 hour training. Rebecca will call upon masters for input, collaboration and enlightenment in an effort to offer a true, transformational program. As a teacher, you will learn more about:

  • Chakras
    How to understand chakras, clear them and align with them effectively in your own life, creations and offerings.
  • Sequencing
    How to create sound classes for every level of student.
  • The Business of Yoga
    How to create a profitable and thriving business within the yoga industry that is in alignment with your spirit.
  • Anatomy, Alignment & Assisting
    How to go beyond the basics of the gross anatomical functions and into the energy of the pose.
  • Ambiance
    How to express the magic of your own essence in each and every thing you create.
  • Range
    How to create classes with a wide variety of range, from strong to supple, therapeutic to challenging, that will behoove any client that walks through your door with longevity.

And more…

This training is designed to be modular. Elected modules can be completed either over the course of two years or in one seven month timeframe. When completed, you will have a 300 Hour Yoga Alliance approved certificate to add to your 200 Hour (assuming you received your 200 hour from Rebecca Butler Yoga or another Yoga Alliance registered school of yoga), thus becoming a 500 Hour RYT.

Each 50 hour module includes:

  • 25 contact hours with Rebecca and lead trainers.
  • 5 total hours assisting classes and apprenticeship work.
  • 20 total hours of homework that includes, but is not limited to, reading assigned pieces, home practice, in studio practice, journaling, and sharing results.
  • Anatomy, alignment, assisting and energy work will be threaded throughout.

Elective modules can be applied to the overall 300 hours:

Two current examples:

As more become available, we will update this page.

Each module costs $900, unless you elect to do all 6 modules, in which case the cost is $750 per module. Total price for those taking all 6 modules: $4,500


June 21–23, 2019
50 Hours
Fri 9am–6pm/Sat 9am–5pm/Sun 9am–6pm
$900.00 (Single Module)
$750.00 (with all 6 Modules)


Become Fearlessly You

Create a Spiritually Aligned, Profitable Yoga Business
Stimulating and aligning the seventh and sixth chakras, where 22 joints reside in the cranium, as well as the pituitary gland & the pineal gland, is key to harnessing your creative power, your vision, your voice, your ability to compellingly convey your ideas.

This module focuses on embodying your spirit, fearlessly. By joining you closer with your spirit, and teaching you the building blocks, therapeutics, and variations of healthy inversions, with building blocks and assists suitable for all levels, you access pathways to abundance (financial, spiritual, communicative, connective), you become not only clearer – but more attainable.

Trainees will be introduced to the subtle ways spirit is already present within. Breath, meditation, practice, reflection, sharing, journaling… As a collective, thus furthering their ability to embody their truth and strengthen the impact and reach they make and create for themselves and others.

Business focus: Authentic ambiance, workshop and retreat strategies, generating abundance

Chakra focus: 7 & 6

Class Style focus: Fly, Slow, Flow

Sequencing focus: Ease, inversions, assisting inversions, teaching all levels inversions


July 19–21, 2019
50 hours
Fri 9am–6pm/Sat 9am–5pm/Sun 9am–6pm
$900.00 (Single Module)
$750.00 (with all 6 Modules)


Align With Spirit

Speak To Spirit Effortlessly, Elevate Your Offerings
Have you ever taught a class and had words just pop into your head? A funny story… An off the cuff thought… And then, some fear based voice pops in and says, You can’t say that! What if those words, those easy-flowing thoughts, were precisely the thing most needed in that moment? Utilizing the power of your voice in connection with the inner guidance moving through all living things, isn’t that true power? This module is inspired by the need for teachers to authentically align their voices with their true self and will guide the practitioner to do so – from a place of championing your joy and that which makes you you.

And these skills will help you take your class from good to great. They will help you create a class that people just can’t stop talking about. And they will help you market your ability to do so, as well.

Business focus: Taking your class from good to great, fine-tuning your ability to self-promote

Chakra focus: 6, 5 & 4

Class Style focus: Slow, Flow, Zen

Sequencing focus: Joy, arm balances, standing balancing poses


September 6–8, 2019
50 hours
Fri 9am–6pm/Sat 9am–5pm/Sun 9am–6pm
$900.00 (Single Module)
$750.00 (with all 6 Modules)


Sequence With Grace

Create Sound & Effective Shoulder Soothing Classes (Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists)
Do you have/or have you had loads of students with shoulder issues? Shoulders are so amazing. They are a complex, sophisticated, intricate and delicate joint that we task daily with mind blowing expectations. Healthy shoulders lead to easy inversions, joyful back bends, strength and stability… When balanced, shoulders are a pathway to heal the heart center, especially when we see, accept, embrace and release all the shoulds and should nots we have been saddled with over the years.

This module will focus on how to sequence classes to identify and integrate the six healthy actions of the shoulders in relationship to the heart center; bridging the physical and non physical world and our most power energy center. The result will be the ability to create delicious, accessible shoulder aligning classes that make your body and your students feel heavenly. And once the heart energy is flowing freely, you (and your students) will be able to create so much more in your life with absolute awe and blissful ease.

Business focus: Creating longevity in your business by incorporating therapeutics for shoulders, embodying your heart center in all of your creations

Chakra focus: 5, 4 & 3

Class Style focus: Slow, Zen, Bliss  

Sequencing focus: Freedom, heart openers, equanimity in shoulders, restorative shoulder work, standing poses, lunges


October 4–6, 2019
50 hours
Fri 9am–6pm/Sat 9am–5pm/Sun 9am–6pm
$900.00 (Single Module)
$750.00 (with all 6 Modules)


Express Yourself

Know Your Worth, Ask and Receive Abundance
Have you ever heard people profess how they love teaching yoga but there is just no money in it? Have you ever struggled with promoting yourself, your creations, your vision? Have you seen like minded people in yoga, and/or, similar related industries seemingly doing these things (making money, self promoting) with ease? Do you crave having those skills?

This module is inspired by the need for teachers to know their worth, to nurture their own sense of self, as our individual consciousness relates to and expands the consciousness of the collective, and to be ok with with joyful self promotion and generating well deserved, righteous abundance.

Business focus: Creating a profitable wellness business via sound and truthful marketing, marketing tools that matter

Chakra focus: 4, 3, & 2

Class Style focus: Flow, Slow, Bliss

Sequencing focus: Abundance, floor work, standing poses, twists


November 8–10, 2019
50 hours
Fri 9am–6pm/Sat 9am–5pm/Sun 9am–6pm
$900.00 (Single Module)
$750.00 (with all 6 Modules)


Sequence With Ease

Create Sound and Effective Hip Balancing Classes (Hips, Knees, Ankles)
Hips. Mysterious hips. What do teachers mean when they say they are teaching a hip opening class? Hips are complex and deep. They are 360 degree joints that need not only external rotation, but all of the six healthy actions included in daily life. Balanced, happy hips and the profound impact the practice can have on the student are the focus of this module.

If we have hip issues, we likely also have issues with our relationship to the energy of abundance. We suffer the illusion of lack. We crave security. We might even have reproductive issues. When our hips are balanced, the emotionality of the pelvis is aligned as well. This allows for free flowing creativity and abundance. This allows for joyful creation, rather than stressful creation. This allows for our true purpose to resonate within our presence and within our community.

This module covers the healthy actions of the hips; how to sequence classes to create balance in the hips and align the emotionality of the pelvis with spirit – merging physical and non-physical. And these poses, those that balance the hips, are the best poses for effective assists, as well. Your student base will follow you around for the next decade or so, once you grasp these concepts.

Business focus: Staying grounded and connected to spirit during times of turblence  

Chakra focus: 3, 2 & 1

Class Style focus: Slow, Flow, Bliss, Sen

Sequencing focus: Harmony, trust, balanced hips


January 3–5, 2020
50 hours
Fri 9am–6pm/Sat 9am–5pm/Sun 9am–6pm
$900.00 (Single Module)
$750.00 (with all 6 Modules)


Manifest Your Dreams

Engage in Joyful Soul Aligning Creativity
It’s time to align your life with your soul’s purpose via the path of yoga. There is no other way to wrap this journey up then this weekend. This will be Rebecca’s 7th annual soul aligning workshop weekend. We will tie all of the pieces of our journey together. By this point, the seamless integration of spirit and earth will be so obvious and it will be so fun to revel in all of the learning’s we have gathered together. We will tie all 7 chakras together in the Path of Manifestation & The Path of Liberation. And it will be delightful.

Business focus: Liberation and Manifestation

Chakra focus: 7 to 1 & 1 to 7

Class Style focus: Flow & Slow

Sequencing focus: Manifestation, equanimity, ease,  joy, playfulness, trust


The Sanctuary Yoga Room
5808 Edwards Ranch Rd
Building 3
Fort Worth, TX 76109


The Sanctuary Yoga Room
2735 Hulen St
Stonegate Crossing Center
Fort Worth, TX 76109