This is our strongest, warmest class. If you are familiar with yoga and the term Vinyasa flow (meaning movement connected by breath) and/or power yoga, then you are generally familiar with this style of class. We put our own creative spin on it, making it that much more luscious. Prepare for a righteous yoga buzz. At Clearfork, this class will be warmer with temperatures hovering around 85 degrees. At Hulen, this class is even warmer at 95 degrees. We call that one Hot Flow. Equally yummy. Just a little different sweat factor.


The name of this class really should be: slow and delicious. While it is slower than our Flow class, please don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be easier. Holding poses for longer durations is a robust experience in and of itself. In the end, your deep connection to bliss will be unwavering. At Clearfork, this class will be slightly cooler with temperatures around 82 degrees. At Hulen, we call this class Hot Slow because it is warmer at 95 degrees. Same incredible format. Just different temps to choose from.


This class is designed for the inversion and arm balance curious yogi. You will be mindfully lead to your edge and taught to work in that delicate space with curiosity and compassion. The room will be around the mid 80s. Ideal for intermediate to advanced yogis, but all levels will take away benefits.


This is a class for the practitioner that is new to yoga. It is a great introduction to the basics of the work and the fundamentals. You will learn the pose names, alignment of basic poses and what to expect in class. The environment is friendly. Questions are welcome. The class is 60 minutes and is offered in a room heated to around 80 degrees at our Clearfork location only.


This is a class designed to help practitioners restore, renew and heal the body. Long holds in deep poses designed to help the body rejuvenate, regenerate and reinvigorate. Meditation and breath are also key elements of this class. It is completely non-heated and is only offered at our Clearfork location. Expect to use many props. This class is suitable for all levels.


One word best describes this class: incandescent. You will be able to shed the day in this class that will be both gentle and robust. You will sweat a fair amount, flirt with your edge and land on a gentle pillow of kindness. This is the perfect way to end any stressful day. At Clearfork, the room will be heated to around the mid 80s.


This class is designed to marry ease and strength, compassion with integrity, and wellness with peace. Expect 10–15 minutes of restorative at the beginning, 30–40 minutes of slow and intentional flow follows, then 10 or so minutes of restorative to culminate the session. We will be using props aplenty. The room will be heated to between 80 or so degrees at Clearfork. At Hulen, the room will be 95 degrees. We call it Hot Zen there. For obvious reasons. Haha.


This is the quintessential way to start your day. In our copper encased building and spacious studio, you will be lead through a robust flow class that also includes a bit of meditation. Having possibly arrived still slightly sleepy, you will leave lit up and ready to joyfully undertake whatever your day promises. The room will be heated for this class to around 85 degrees at Clearfork.


The Sanctuary Yoga Room
5808 Edwards Ranch Rd
Building 3
Fort Worth, TX 76109


The Sanctuary Yoga Room
2735 Hulen St
Stonegate Crossing Center
Fort Worth, TX 76109