About this program

Challenges have long since been the rage in studios. And while we love the benefits of a frequent, consistent, mindful practice, it’s been a long time since we’ve hosted a challenge. If you’ve never done one, they are often motivational mechanisms to encourage practitioners to increase their frequency. How does it work? Usually — not kidding — it’s a sticker chart. Yes, even adults are motivated my stickers. There is truly something so satisfying about placing a sticker on a chart after every successful effort of simply making it to the mat. As we all know, life sometimes tempts us not to prioritize our own self-care. And so when we make it and we have the visual satisfaction of seeing our stickers on the chart, plus, we also feel better because we are practicing more, it’s really quite awesome. And so this is the nature of the yoga studio challenge. 

A sticker chart. 

But I’ve never been one to do things the “usual” way. And so, when I’ve hosted challenges that I genuinely enjoy in the past, they are about a deeper mission — namely, I like to share the knowledge that I’ve come across that is making a significant impact on my life. And so you have it — our latest challenge. 

We’re calling it: The Bliss Revolution. And it is about the koshas, the 5 sheaths or dimensions of our body, as taught via the yogi masters. There are many levels to this challenge.

The bare minimum level is the sticker chart level. You pay $35. 50% of this contribution goes to American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. This is a 5-week challenge. Each time you come to class in this five weeks, you get to put a sticker on the chart. From there, if you want to go deeper in your studies, each week will be based upon a specific kosha.

And each week, we will offer you the option of participating in a workshop, a daily email program where we send you relevant, helpful information to help you become more acquainted with the kosha of focus, and a daily meditation class. (Note: week one, food body week, we will also offer a cleanse for you to purchase – more details follow). 

There will be different levels of participation available for purchase. You may choose to sign up for a single level or all levels of participation. These options include:

Level 1: Basic entry level

  • $35 for Sticker Chart
  • 50% of proceeds to American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Level 2: Basic + Email Support

  • $50 for all emails
  • 2 support and instructional emails about each kosha sent every week of the program


Level 3: Basic + Weekly workshops

  • $100 for 4 workshops (all weeks except Energy)
  • or $25 per workshop

DEEPEN Your Practice With Bonus Program.

  • Week 1 Food Cleanse Program

  • Week 2 Weekday Daily Meditation Classes 

  • Details on each program will be announced in Week 1 or 2 workshops. Be sure to attend to receive the info and signup!

Week 1: Annamayakosha (Food Body)

September 30 – October 6th


Weekly Workshop: Food Demonstration with Quincie Smith

Workshop Date: Saturday, September 30

Workshop Time: 2:30-4:30pm

This workshop includes yoga and food demonstration with our resident Yogini Chef, Quincie Smith.


2 Weekly Inspiration Emails

Inspirational emails on the theme of the Annamayakosha delivered to your inbox

Includes healthy recipe ideas for smoothies, juices, salads and soups – all vegetarian


Bonus Program: Week 1 Food Cleanse created by Quincie Smith

Vegetarian meals prepared for you by our resident yogini Chef, Quincie Smith. Monday-Friday (lunch and dinner)

Cost of $125


Week 2: Manomayakosha (Mental Body)

October 8 – 13th


Weekly Workshop: Meditation Workshop led by Ella Sotello

Workshop Date: Sunday, October 8th

Workshop Time: 4:30-6:30pm


2 Weekly Inspiration Emails

Inspirational emails on the theme of the Manamayakosha delivered to your inbox

Different meditations sent both days.


Bonus Program: Week 2 Daily Meditation Classes (M-F 8:00-8:30am)

Settle your mind with a meditation class every weekday morning.

Week 3: Pranamayakosha (Energy Body)

October 15 – 20th


Weekly Workshop: Bitch & Flow led by Rebecca Butler

Workshop Date: Wednesday, October 18

Workshop Time: 5:45pm

What you’re plugged into matters. In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of the type of energy we choose to plug into while also not shoving down our true feelings.


2 Weekly Inspiration Emails

Inspirational emails on the theme of the Pranamayakosha delivered to your inbox

Digital detox, daily emails about how to unplug, ideas about what to do instead (be still, meditate, create, etc) + daily pranayama techniques to clear and calm energy.

Week 4: Vijnanamayakosha (Extraordinary Knowledge Body)

October 22 – 27th


Weekly Workshop: Self-Care and Reiki led by LB Motheral and Ashley Lilburn

Workshop Date: Sunday, October 22nd

Workshop Time: 4:30 – 6:30pm

Self-care week to created heightened perceptions. Reiki is included in this workshop. 


2 Weekly Inspiration Emails

Inspirational emails on the theme of the Vijnanamayakosha delivered to your inbox

Emails about the importance of self-care ranging in topics such as salt baths, restorative yoga, nutrition, meditation and self-love

Week 5: Anandamayakosha (Bliss Body)

October 29th – Nov 3rd


Weekly Workshop: Chakra Alignment with Crystals led by Missy Shaw

Workshop Date: Sunday, October 29th

Workshop Time: 4:30-6:30pm

Crystal Grid workshop with a restorative yoga session brings in crystal healing and chakra alignment. Focus is on the importance of ritual and connection to subtle energetic body/bliss body.


2 Weekly Inspiration Emails

Inspirational emails on the theme of the Anandamayakosha delivered to your inbox

Emails include topics such as the importance of ritual, burning palo santo, crystals, prayer, essential oils.


Bliss Party

Saturday, November 4th

Sound Healing with Kenny Kolter

Restorative Yoga with Ella Sotello

Full Moon Ceremony and Party

Drum Circle

Now more than ever we believe that our collective consciousness will benefit from unlimited access and alignment to our true Bliss nature. We are offering this series, this challenge, this groundbreaking program because we can’t not share this with you. It has the potential to truly help us individually and as a group to raise our vibration and truly reach heights of a more spiritually aligned way of being. Participants can expect nothing short of transformation. We have done our best to make this offering modular to fit your busy lifestyle. But the truth is, the more you participate, the more you will benefit. And we are grateful for whatever time you choose to spend with us on this journey of making this world a better place. When one of us accesses ananda (bliss), the ripples of such an attainment cannot be denied. We truly make the world a better place.