Quincie Smith | Yoga Instructor

Quincie Smith

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Quincie’s coach would have them do yoga for their “dry-land” training before practice, just a mere side note to the training that she did in the water. After finishing her time as a swimmer, she would dabble in yoga from time to time with her friends, but it was only at the beginning of 2014, after moving back from Austin where she attended culinary school, that she truly started to see yoga for what it really was, and what it could do for her.

Quincie believes the beauty that yoga asana has created in her life is that it has helped her recognize the capability that we all have to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, love, acceptance—of ourselves, and our reality—, confidence, and the ability to be still.

Those qualities are only a few of the many that Quincie would love to hold space for her students create for themselves.

She thinks the magic really happens when we are able to transfer what we do ON the mat, OFF the mat into our day-to-day lives.

Quincie completed the 200hr Frog Lotus Yoga training in Southern Spain in 2015 with Vidya Hisel, and loves to share what she has found.