Morgan Kilpatrick | Yoga Instructor

Morgan Kilpatrick

Born on a hot summer day in late July, Morgan is the epitome of a “summer baby.” Strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes compliment her ever present personality. As a summer lover, you can find her at the pool, Granbury Lake or often traveling to a place with blue water and sandy beaches. Or at least as often as she can.

Native to Fort Worth, she graduated from TCU with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. There was a lot of pressure on her during this time to start a good career and really make the most of herself. But corporate America did not make her happy, which is how she was introduced to yoga. Her stress had built up so much that she ended up taking off two years in-between her studies and really focusing on herself. Here, she realized that yoga was so much more than just an exercise or even a stress reliever. It was a healing art form. She tried several styles of yoga and teachers before finding Rebecca Butler.

She saw so many similarities between herself and Rebecca, but mostly, how yoga brought such joy and passion to Rebecca’s life. Rebecca mostly taught Forrest Yoga, a healing form of yoga that transforms you on and off the mat. Each and every class Morgan attended spoke to her. She knew that being on the mat was what everyone needed. But being able to open herself up to this healing art form and spread that knowledge was what she was being called to do.

In 2014, Morgan went on a Retreat to Aruba with Rebecca Butler to deepen her understanding of yoga as well as study the Business of Yoga. It was a seven day retreat that changed her life. After a week of intensives, the last night they were there, there was a beautiful heart opening class. At the end of this class, Morgan came out of svasana to find her boyfriend kneeling in front of her, asking her to marry him. She said yes ?

In 2016, Morgan completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Rebecca Butler. After over a decade of practicing, it was time to spread her knowledge and joy of yoga. Morgan wants to share with her students the bliss of being “yoga stoned” after a great session. The ability to use yoga to break down barriers and heal yourself. To love oneself without shame. To be courageous and silly without fear or worry of judgment. To be…happy.