Dr David Hawkins created this graph to capture the spectrum of emotions of the conscious human and the quality of energy associated with those emotions. 

The theory is that most of us are functioning at 200 or so.  And we typically only change our current operating level by five or so points, up or down, in our lifetime. 

I love this illustration as it visually demonstrates the importance of our emotional way of being. 

I also love that yogis, through conscious awareness, meditation, and breath, can empower themselves to choose their way of being. 

How you show up on the mat is everything. 

Are you engaged? Curious? Compassionate? Kind? 

Or are you numb, checked out, bored, desiring control, frustrated? 

We have a choice. There is so much liberation in stepping into that empowered place and making a conscious choice in how you are showing up in any given moment. 

And it matters. 

The theory is one person operating at 500 or above can sustain 750,000+ of those around them operating at a lesser vibration.