Dreamcatcher Training

A 200 hour yoga teacher training Summer Intensive program by Rebecca Butler Yoga & The Sanctuary Yoga Room

At The Sanctuary Yoga Room, Rebecca Butler (E-RYT500) is passionate about, and quite skilled at, teaching yoga teachers. She is playful, knowledgable, down to earth and real. She brings a lightheartedness to her training that is borne from her deeply held belief that health, movement and breath are privileges in this spiritual journey of human life that we often take for granted. As such, she loves to share her knowledge of teaching yoga with new and seasoned teachers alike so that they may in turn continue to spread this lifetime practice of yoga. As a teacher in training, you will learn more about:

  • Teaching Yoga How to teach a sound, safe, and exciting vinyasa flow class created by Rebecca Butler.
  • Chakras How to understand the basics of chakras and employ them in your journey of wellness.
  • Sequencing The basics of how to create sound classes for every level of student.
  • The Business of Yoga An introduction to how to create a profitable and thriving business within the yoga industry that brings you joy.
  • Anatomy, Alignment & Assisting The basics of the gross anatomical functions and into the energy of the pose.
  • Voice How to move energy with your own voice and teach from a place of power and connection.

And more…

This training is a summer intensive. When completed, you will have a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved certificate so that you will be ready to begin teaching, should you choose.Because of the intensive format, this training is $3,000, with a $500 discount if tuition paid in full by June 1. There is a $250 application fee that is non refundable.


June 15, 2019
Sat 9am–5pm

Land. Connect. Be.

This Is Where We Begin
“It was amazing, and I honestly cannot imagine a more perfect group of people to teach it and my fellow trainees were all beautiful souls! It was life changing!”
~ Kristi S. ’16
This is you. This is your new tribe. Words will not suffice to describe the importance of this first day. This is ground zero. The beginning. And the connections you will make on this journey will last a lifetime. They start right here. Business focus: Connecting with others, creating a network of support Chakra focus: All Class Style focus: Flow Sequencing focus: Vinyasa Flow


June 17–21, 2019
Mon–Fri, 10am–3:30pm


Learn. Absorb. Embody.

Learn, Memorize and Get Familiar with Rebecca Butler Yoga Flow
In this initial module, you will learn a safe, sound and exciting vinyasa flow sequence created by Rebecca Butler through knowledge she has gleaned from the many masters she has studied with. This sequence can be taught anywhere, any time and receives rave reviews. You will also be introduced to spiritual philosophies, pranayama, meditation and ethics of yoga. Business focus: Learning an incredible class and how to teach it Chakra focus: 1-3 Class Style focus: Flow Sequencing focus: A well rounded vinyasa flow


July 8–12, 2019
Mon–Fri, 10am–3:30pm


Practice. Repeat. Practice.

Speak The Words Aloud. Essential. Direct. Teach.
There is merit to having a sequence memorized and in your back pocket. This is the 10,000 rule. We practice the class. We practice teaching the class. Until you can’t not teach it. Then, in this safe framework, there is space for ease. Then we start to look deeper into the other aspects of yoga beyond asana as well. Business focus: Cultivating mastery Chakra focus: 5, 4 & 3 Class Style focus: Flow  Sequencing focus: All five major pose categories: standing poses, twists, back bends, forward folks and arm balances/inversions


July 22–26, 2019
Mon–Fri, 10am–3:30pm


Now Go Deeper

We Explore. The True Nature of Yoga Is Exploration.
This is where we undress the template, we dig deep into the why of the sequence, we look at how to modify and assist the poses — from a place of childlike curiosity and deep joy. We look at how to convert any pose into something more challenging and something softer. Each pose, life each teacher, represents infinite possibility. Business focus: Looking at the infinite, the mysteries Chakra focus: 5-7 Class Style focus: Flow, Slow, Bliss Sequencing focus: Depth, variety, range with a sound template


July 29–August 2, 2019
Mon–Fri, 10am–3:30pm


Teach, Live, Be With Ease

Create A Yoga Career With Longevity by Understanding The Details
This is about the poses that are often considered scary — arm balances and inversions. Approaching these poses from a place of grace and integrity can bring in empowerment and fearlessness. The trick is patience. The trick is a sound foundation. The trick is divorcing expectation. The trick is embracing compassion for the journey. And these patterns guide us through so much of life, like a beacon. This is about getting familiar with what you choose to allow to hold you back, and then deciding if you want to stay in alignment with that or not. Business focus: Authenticity in branding and teaching  Chakra focus: 7-1 Class Style focus: Slow, Flow, Bliss, Fly Sequencing focus: Arm balances and inversions for all levels


August 3, 2019
Sat 9am–5pm


Celebrate. Graduate. Yuh.

And We Wrap. Friendships Forged. Transformation Check.
It’s time to look back down the mountain at everything you’ve learned in this short, yet mind blowing, span. Words are clunky human things. They never can convey the joy this graduation experience can bring. Business focus: Liberation Chakra focus: 7 to 1 & 1 to 7 Class Style focus: Flow & Slow Sequencing focus: Joy, playfulness, trust
Join us for the 200 hour teacher training Summer Intensive.

The Sanctuary Yoga Room
3425 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, Tx 76107

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