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How to Manifest A Life of Maximum Joy via The Path of Yoga

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Be Yourself Fearlessly.

Are you a yoga teacher craving more? More what?

Abundance. Ease. Grace. Knowledge. Connection. Peace. Joy. Passion.

Are you ready to take your ability to live and breathe and exude yoga next level? Do you have a thirst for a subtle, more refined, graceful approach to your career as a yoga teacher? 

Have you ever felt starved for the sacred and bewildered about how to become more in direct relationship with spirit via yoga? 

Perhaps you had glimpses of your most conscious state on your mat and you are desiring a deeper understanding of this access?

Then this is the training for you.

Learn how to access the deeper, more refined, subtle side of yourself as a yogi.

Who are you?

What is your true essence?

What are your deepest desires, fears, joys, regrets, sorrows, guilts, reverences, and devotions? We all have the answers we seek within.

We all have access that place inside which is a beautiful being of light with infinite possibilities.

This training will help you come face to face with the truth that you have an immense amount of power over your reality. Both on and off the yoga mat. And you will realize that via yoga, you can shift the momentum of your circumstances at any given moment via conscious choice. 

One breath at a time. 

One thought at a time. 

One truth at a time. 

This is about manifesting the life of your dreams via the path of yoga. This is why we call it DreamCatcherTraining. It’s possible. And you’re worth it. 

This training includes but is not limited to:

  • Sequencing 
  • Asana
  • Pranayama 
  • Meditation 
  • Traditional yoga teachings
  • Contemporary yoga teachings (including spiritual focus)
  • As part of the training, you will receive 2 life coaching sessions with Rebecca Butler.
  • You will also receive a teacher training manual with helpful and relevant content.

Training will occur in 6 weekend modules and 1 week retreat in Costa Rica!

Session One: Why Go Deeper

Why Go Deeper, In Your Teaching, In Your Practice, In Your Life — To Learn How to Listen to and Trust the Most Subtle Forms of Spirit (& Manifest Your Dreams)

This module will focus on our your way of being while teaching — identifying your patterns, learning to embrace and be-friend them, and then transcending to the level that best suits your heartfelt desires.

Session Two: How to Go Deeper

How to Go Deeper — How To Peel Back the Layers of Not Enough Ness, Fear, Doubt (& Moving Mindfully Towards Love Rather than Fear)

In this module, you will flex your sequencing muscles. You will learn to sequence like a badass & connect to a genuine, heartfelt themes, every single class.

Session Three: What it means to Go Deeper

What It Means to Live and Breathe your Yoga at a Subtle Body Level — To Be in Service, To Be Love, To Be Fearless & Why that Matters (Judgment and Harshness Not Allowed)

In this module, the focus will be hands-on assisting — Learning to assist from a place of compassion and gratitude with ease and grace.

Session Four: The Mechanics of Going Deeper

The Anatomy of the poses will be the focus of this module. Pure Anatomy as presented via our anatomy guru. Come ready to learn, memorize, feel, experience and put knowledge into effective action. 

Session Five: Be Yourself Fearlessly

Learn How to Access the Answers that Lie Within 

This module of the training will be held in Costa Rica at a carefully selected retreat center. Trainees will have the benefit of 5 and a half full days of consistent training, practice and embodiment of tools gained via the first 4 modules. 

Session Six: Choose Joy

Becoming Aware of How to Surrender Your Story and Own Your Joy

The Art of Manifestation – AKA the business of yoga.

In this module, you will learn to be profitable and how to manifest your dreams via the path of yoga and staying true to Spirit.

Session Seven: Graduation

Graduation ceremony weekend

Requirements for graduation:

  1. 90% attendance of 6 Intensive sessions 
  2. 100% attendance of Costa Rica retreat Intensive 
  3. Completion of homework assigned in between modules 
  4. A healthy level of participation within the Intensives – including but not limited to engagement, punctuality, enthusiasm 
  5. Completion of 3 Meaningful observations of Mentor teachers classes 
  6. Completion of 2 Life Coaching sessions with Rebecca Butler (one at the beginning of the training and one at the end)
  7. Completion of 1 Meaningful interaction with assigned RBYTT 200 Hour 2017 menthe
  8. Effective teaching of your Final on the final weekend (determined by Rebecca and mentors)
  9. Satisfactory performance on final written exam
  10. Satisfactory presentation of final project 

Ready to Catch Your Dreams?

Dates TBA
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Pre-requisite to apply:

  1. Completion of Rebecca Butler Yoga Teacher Training <#DreamCatcherTraining> 200 Hour 
  2. OR Completion of another Yoga Alliance recognized 200 Hour Teacher Training plus you must have 2 years experience as a yoga teacher. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there a payment plan? Yes. We are open to working out a payment plan that suits your lifestyle needs. 
  • Is the cost of the Costa Rica retreat included in the tuition? Yes. However, the flight is not. All meals are included as well. 
  • Where is the retreat center? We can discuss this individually as needed. Please contact us at [email protected] to set up a discussion. 
  • What if I miss a module? Only one module may be missed. If you miss a module, you will be required to attend a makeup module. There is a cost of $350 for the make up module. 
  • Upon completion of this training, will I be eligible for a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance certification? Yes, if you meet the 200 hour certification requirements with Yoga Alliance, you will be able to upgrade to a 500 hour level upon receiving your certificate of graduation from this RBY TT 300 Hour Program, as it meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance requirements. 
  • Will there be additional time requirements outside of the Intensive weekends? Yes, in three levels:
  1. Homework: your homework will require some time investment. 
  2. Mentor Interaction: Also, you will have a mentor available to you. 3 points of mentor observation and interaction will be required 
  3. Mentee: Trainees will be assigned to one RBYTT 200 Hour trainee. They will need to have at least one meaningful point of contact with this trainee 
  • I still have questions. Will there be an info night? Yes. Or you can contact us directly to set up a 1/1 for more info. [email protected]