UZIT Training Requirements

What we expect of all training participants seeking to become UZIT Practitioners.

Training Requirements

The UZIT program is a commitment from your heart, and also of your time. Please review these requirements to graduate as a UZIT Practitioner.

General time commitments include:

  • 13 days of in-person trainings in Fort Worth, TX
  • 8-10 hours per week of homework, including daily practices and reading.
  • 18 UZ practice sessions with family and friends (45-60 minutes each)
  • 50 hours (at least) at clinical site

Graduation Requirements

In order to successfully complete the UZIT Training program and receive certification, you must fulfill all of the following:

To be completed before the start of clinical practicums:

  • Attendance at all in-person training sessions.
  • 18 practice sessions with friends and family, starting after the first in-person training session and due one week before the third in-person training session
  • Completed weekly homework logs (managed via an online learning management system that is easy to use and that you will be trained on)
  • Completed written tests with passing grades before the third in-person training
  • Pass the clinical assessment at the third in-person training (a practice session where a fellow trainee plays the role of a patient from a real-life case study)
  • 80% attendance on weekly phone calls or call recordings
  • Complete basic CPR training and submit certificate of completion
  • Secure and submit proof of proper liability insurance
  • All of the above to be completed and reviewed to the satisfaction of your mentor, mentor assistant or other UZIT staff
  • Completion of all individual clinical location requirements, i.e., background check, drug and/or TB screening, influenza immunization and/or any other site-specific requirements.


To graduate – all of the above must be in good order and the following:

  • A minimum of 50 hours of clinical practicums in a hospital or clinical setting. Some of these hours will be following/assisting mentors, some will be partnering with other trainees, and some will be on your own (completed on or before the date provided at the start of your program.
  • Completion of three audio recordings (two body awareness meditations and one breath awareness practice)
  • Completion of a Final Assessment – a mentor-observed session, either in-person at the clinical location or via video for out-of-town trainees
  • Training must be paid for in full
  • All graduates of the program will be certified Urban Zen Integrative Practitioners.  Yoga teachers who have graduated from a 200-hour, Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program are eligible to register as 300-hour yoga teachers upon completion of the Urban Zen training and some additional workshops.

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