Laura Tucker | Yoga Instructor

Morgan Dunlap

Yoga started as a purely physical exercise for me. Throughout college I was a group fitness instructor teaching various classes & I found a love for helping people reach their health goals. When I first started yoga, I can’t say I was much of a fan. The idea was great, but it was slow, hard & required patience. As a naturally competitive person, I thought that my skill should be as good as everyone around me. The problem was, I was so focused on things around me and not myself. I did not grow in my practice or as a person until I changed my perspective. My yoga mantra is to “be content, but never complacent.” Always grow in every way- emotionally, spiritually, physically, but also be content with how you are and in where you are in your yoga journey or personal journey. (I have to repeat this to myself daily) In 2014, I received my 200 HR YT certification in Iyengar yoga with Yoga Maze’ studying under Noah Maze’. I am honored & humbled every time I get to teach. Yoga is something different for everyone and my only rule in class is that you let it reach you in whichever ways you need.

I am new to FTW and live with my husband, Robert & our 4 legged fur baby, Ryker. We love this community already and I’m so excited to be apart of this yoga family. My wish for everyone leaving my classes is to feel inspired, rejuvenated, full of love & zest



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