Lauren LB Motheral | Yoga Instructor

Lauren Bailey “LB” Motheral

Lauren Bailey credits her best friend and divine timing for first bringing her to her mat. After graduating college in 2012, LB lacked clarity on how to use her Bachelors in Psychology to best serve both herself and other people in creating a life where they feel wildly turned on. Self-doubt, depression, and the ever so persistent belief of not being enough created a less than extravagant version of her. This practice, specifically the style of Forrest Yoga, ignited a spark that has been helping LB burn down self-imposed barriers to discover more passion and purpose each day.

What Lauren Bailey finds so revolutionary about the practice of Forrest Yoga is the accountability and self-healing approach it encourages. Each day you come to your mat you are encouraged build the most passionate relationship with your spirit. This intense practice keeps you playful, honest, and values the integrity in which you approach caring for yourself and your injuries. Once you’ve decided to show up for yourself and to use your breath and these poses as medicine, you begin to feel the full spectrum of being alive. It becomes much less enticing to self mutilate and to stay in pain.

What Lauren Bailey hopes to share with others is the relatability of being human and having thrilling, beautiful, uncomfortable, and heartbreaking experiences. There is a healthy and healing way to dance through life, and this practice has provided her the tools and the support to stay vulnerable and courageous.

Lauren Bailey completed the 200 hr Forrest Yoga Foundations training in 2014 and is currently apart of year long Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program. What she wants most for her students, is for them to connect to how enough they are, how capable they are, and how extravagant they are.



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