Katie Perroni | Yoga Instructor

Katie Perroni

I began practicing yoga in 2011 as a half-formed New Year’s resolution to do something healthy. I was hooked from my very first class, and I remember the teacher telling me to listen to my body. I have been listening ever since! I was drawn to Forrest Yoga because of its insistence on paying exquisite attention to the body’s signals. I also quickly came to appreciate Forrest Yoga’s ability to release the emotions stored in the body through its particular sequencing of poses. This has broadened my experience on the mat, providing me with a safe space to let go of everything that does not serve me so I may live more authentically off the mat.

Teaching is in my blood, literally! My mother was a teacher for many years, and from her I inherited a love of learning and sharing knowledge with others. After college I substituted in Fort Worth ISD and tutored privately. After beginning work at the Kimbell Art Museum, I began to give tours, allowing me to share my love of art and history with a variety of audiences. I may be certain of little else, but I do know that teaching is where my heart lies.

In September 2015 I took part in a Forrest Yoga teacher training where I sharpened my skills for the yoga “classroom.” Through my teaching, I want to encourage my students to learn to listen to the language of their body; it has so many things to tell us if we only listen. My classes will present a physical challenge for both the beginning and more seasoned student, but the true challenge will lie with each student remaining in feeling throughout class and discovering their body’s unique expression of each pose, regardless of how “advanced” that expression is. Students will leave class empowered by their new listening skills and excited to continue building those skills off the mat.




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