Ashley Lilburn | Yoga Instructor

Ashley Lilburn

Ashley started a consistent practice in April of 2010 and started teaching in 2013. It has seen her through so many stages and phases – corporate career, pregnancy loss, full-term pregnancy, being at home with a child and every nuance that daily life brings in between those large life-changers. The thing that Ashley loves most about yoga is that the learning will never end. There is no “mastering” yoga – physically or spiritually. There is no “right” way to do yoga. It is so completely individual. Ashley believes that every time you step on your mat you are in a safe space. A space where you can drop into the subtle bodies and peel back layers. Sitting with the layers and all they embody physically, emotionally or spiritually so that you come out of it slightly changed every time. More equanimous and less attached to the results. It is Ashley’s belief that this is where peace is most accessible. In addition to teaching yoga, Ashley is also a certified Reiki practitioner, wife and mom.